A Better Chimney, LLC - Safety inspections, chimney sweeps & skilled chimney repair.
Commercial Accounts:
Apartment Buildings
and Condominiums

Group Inspection and Sweep Packages:
We offer competitive prices for group inspection and cleaning of chimneys and dryer vents.

Our inspection and sweeps come with our “Always Clean/Always Polite/Always On-time” guarantee.

We have the ability to sweep flues from inside apartment units, but we also, at great convenience to residents, have the ability to perform the sweep from the top, using a powerful vacuum, with no need to enter the apartment.

Dryer Vent Liners Sweeps:
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a consumer product safety alert concerning the risk of dryer vent fires, (which cause 8,000 residential fires yearly).

We use specialized brushes and blowers to thoroughly clean dryer vent liners, ensuring lint does not create a hazard.

We understand the Unique Concerns of Property Managers: Property Managers for apartments, and Homeowner Associations in condominium communities, face difficult scheduling constraints as they arrange routine chimney and dryer vent safety inspections and sweeps.

Miscalculating a service schedule involving multiple units can mean needlessly inconveniencing residents, as well as time wasted re-issuing and re-posting legally-required notices.

Similarly, a failure to be unfailingly respectful and clean while servicing every single unit would unacceptably lead to resident complaints and reflect poorly on the management company.

You can place your trust in us: We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and our technicians and owners all have extensive experience servicing commercial accounts.  We are clean and unfailingly courteous with residents.

We offer a fully-itemized and detailed written estimates based upon on-site visits by one of the owners that details precisely what we will do, in what manner, by when, along with a guaranteed, no-surprises, price.

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