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How We Sweep a Flue, Step-by-Step:

• In general we seek not only to remove creosote and soot deposits, but also to confirm all chimney or wood stove components are in full working order.

• We begin by checking up the flue from hearth, as well as down from the top, if possible, to determine the extent of the creosote deposit.

• We also check the flue for broken or damaged bricks or clay flue liners, as well as any evidence of a prior flue fire.

• Additionally, we look for any debris or obstructions that may restrict air flow in the flue or liner, and if we find any we remove it.

• We check the firebox in the hearth for cracks, damaged bricks and missing or crumbling mortar.

• We open the damper completely to ensure it moves freely and fits snugly against the smoke shelf.

• We use a high-powered flashlight to check the damper assembly for cracks and oxidation.

• We take measurements to ensure the ratio of the opening at the top of the chimney and the hearth are consistent with requirements for proper drafting.

• We ensure customers get proper advice regarding the use of ash-pits.

• We have the capacity and tools to sweep the flue or liner from “below” (inside the house), or from “above” (from the roof), and leave it to the technician's best judgment to determine the best approach in each case.

• We seal the hearth and protect the room with plastic tarps before physically sweeping dangerous creosote (i.e., deposits greater than 1/8 inch thick) with segmented rods and dedicated brush heads.

• We complete the sweep by cleaning the heating unit and all venting components (for wood stoves), and thoroughly cleaning the firebox, damper, smoke shelf and smoke chamber (for open fire places); we use specialized segmented rods, brushes and scoops, in addition to a high-powered, multi-filter, vacuum designed to contain the very fine particulates contained in soot and ash.

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