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New Component Installation:

We routinely install all variety of new chimney components, from chimney caps and dampers, to new wood stoves, pellet stoves and metal flue liners. The following are the most common items we install:

Lock-top Style Damper ($345, installed): A damper is used to regulate the air that enters the chimney flue. 

Most old-style dampers are located near the hearth.  The constant heating and cooling caused by virtue of their location (right above hot flames) eventually cause iron damper plates to warp. 

In turn this permits air from the house to escape, adding increased heating costs.

For this reason, we install “lock-top”-style (energy conserving), dampers which are composed of a square metal lid matched to the size of your flue opening, and which rests on top of the chimney, and seals with a rubber gasket.

A fire-proof metal wire connects to the lid, and goes all the way down the flue;  When you want to open the damper, unhook the chain and the damper on top extends open about 10 inches (the tension limit of the now-release springs that connect the damper to the flue tile on the top of the chimney);

When you want to seal the damper shut, you tug down on the chain and hook it back into place (along with a satisfying “thud”).

Rain Caps ($150 for stainless steel;  $80 for galv.): Chimney caps, also called rain covers, prevent direct water penetration into the chimney flue.

Think of it as a permanent umbrella that covers an otherwise rather large opening that connects directly with your fireplace.

Our chimney caps also incorporate a metal mesh that serves double duty by acting as an animal guard (preventing birds and small mammals from entering and nesting in the chimney), and as a “spark arrestor” (preventing sparks and embers carried up by draft  from landing on the roof).

New wood & pellet stoves (Price varies depending on model): It is hard to match the beauty of an open fire place, but the efficiency of a wood or pellet stove cannot be beat.

We routinely install wood stove and pellet stoves.

Because of the extreme variability of prices, sizes and models available, we must offer a free estimate to set a price.

Metal Flue Liners (Price varies depending on length)Most chimneys are made of brick and mortar on the outside, with clay tile lining the inside.

Over time, especially if there has been heavy water intrusion, a flue fire, or any significant amount of settling, these tiles will crack and break.  This can potentially expose wooden building materials to direct flame.

Another problem inherent in traditional brick and mortar flues is that their much greater surface area serves to increase the rate (and raw quantity) of dangerous creosote deposits.

For these reasons, the best way to address a problematic, yet still structurally-sound, chimney is to insert a metal tube (liner) down from the top of the chimney, and all the way down the entire flue. 

We line chimneys using UL® -listed stainless steel chimney liners designed to withstand temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees.

Liners also ensure a correctly-sized flue for optimum drafting efficiency. It is for this reason that a properly-installed chimney liner will cure many smoking fireplace problems.

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