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Professional Safety Inspection & Sweep:

Fireplaces and wood stoves are mechanical systems -- they require routine maintenance, or face inevitable malfunction. 

Because a chimney that does not work properly is a dangerous chimney, we view ourselves primarily as a fire safety company.

There are three dangers inherent in any chimney or wood burning system we seek to evaluate:

Excessive creosote build-up in the flue or liner (danger of house fire).

Flue blockage resulting from crumbling mortar and/or animal nests (danger of CO intrusion).

Structural damage to mortar caused by water & normal wear and tear (danger of collapse).

We rely on the authoritative National Fire Protection Association Sect. 211 Inspection Standards to perform comprehensive safety inspections, which require assessing all functional components of the chimney, from top to bottom.

Consistent with best industry practices, every inspection we perform includes a sweep whenever the creosote deposit exceeds 1/8” (the point when there is enough sustainable mass of creosote to support a prolonged flue fire).

[If your flue or liner is clean and does not require a sweep, we automatically discount the price of the inspection by $20.]

How Often Should Chimneys & Wood Stoves
be Inspected & Swept?

 Federal statistics reveal over 15,500 yearly residential structure fires nationally that originate in wood heating systems, and result in property damage, injury or death.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Oregon State Fire Marshall,  FEMA and your local building code all urge yearly safety inspections for every wood burning heating systems.

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